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Change your spine.  Change your life.

We’re here to assist you with connecting to the most powerful resource for your own health, vitality, and self-healing… YOU. We’re here to help you experience more authentic freedom within, feel incredible doing what you love to do, and create lasting strategies for body-mind awareness, and self-care that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Why the spine? Your spine is truly the interface between how you experience your internal body and the outside world.  Your spinal column houses your central nervous system which is continuous with your brain as a superhighway of communication that is running itself automatically.  This phenomenon we often take for granted, provides literally trillions of messages every second traveling within your spine and throughout the entire nervous system of your body.

“The shape, tone, and position (posture) of your spine can tell you a lot about the shape, tone, and position of your life.”

Not only is your spine your structural foundation for helping you explore your world in an upright, dynamic position, it is also been known for centuries as the central energy channel for consciousness.

We’re very adaptive creatures and our nervous systems are very intelligent.  When we have a trauma, or experience we can’t fully adapt to or integrate, our bodymind will carry the charge from that experience into our daily life where we will still be producing new cells from that baseline charge. In fact, your bodymind is so smart that it will store up past traumas, stresses, and toxins when you’re unable to integrate the experiences you encounter throughout life.  This provides more potential energy in your bodymind to be released when you’re ready to connect with it or when its safe to do so.  This is one of the greatest gifts of your spine!  Your spine houses some of life’s greatest wisdom, powerful healing gifts, and serves you as a major vessel for your self-awareness.  We believe:

“The more freedom you have in your spine, the more freedom you have in your life. You’re better off being free than stuck.”

Our gentle Chiropractic services provide an opportunity for you to grow, creating lasting strategies within your nervous system for a more self-correcting and adaptive whole.  We believe that having spinalsense is a lifestyle and an ongoing pursuit towards optimal health, nervous system integrity, and self-responsibility for your health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Spinalsense is about self-connectivity, consciousness, empowerment, authenticity, and a wellness community based on self-healing so that our collective experience on this planet can benefit all of humanity.

We invite you to join us from every corner of the globe.  We believe that everyone deserves to have excellent resources for self-health, personal growth, and community support.  The time has come for the world to truly wake up to the power within!

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