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New Patients

Welcome! Please call (831) 459-8434 to schedule your Consultation and Initial Appointment.

Our Chiropractic Care

We provide your family and you with outstanding service as we’re committed to excellence.  We’ll go the extra mile to ensure your Chiropractic experience in our office is safe, thorough, and well cared for.  If you are new to our office, and we can help you, you’ll know following our initial intake, consultation, and exam.  If we can’t help you due to your condition, you’ll receive a referral or assistance finding help you need elsewhere.


Consultation, History, Stress Inventory

Any Necessary X-rays

Static & Dynamic Surface Electromyography

Neural-Thermography Scan

Weight Balance

3D Postural Assessment

Spinal Ranges of Motion

Any other necessary Neurological tests determined by the Doctor at time of Exam

*All exam procedures are gentle, and will not induce any pain, nor are they harmful to the body.  The tests that are done will be determined by your Doctor at the time of visit.


Once we’ve determined we can help you, you’ll receive a care plan of treatments (adjustments) customized for your specific needs to help  you achieve optimum results.   Depending on the injury or ailment, adjustments in our office will help improve nerve flow, circulation, ranges of motion in the spine, flexibility, body-balance, stress adaptability, general ease & comfort, and a deeper sense of wellbeing.


Network Spinal Analysis:  Gentle adjustments along the spine.  Safe for Children and Adults.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic: A gentle yet highly specific system of adjusting your Upper Neck.

Extremity Adjusting

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