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We take specific Chiropractic x-rays for the spine and extremities. These low exposure images allow us to see the integrity of your spine and nervous system with clarity and outstanding analysis.

Whether you're looking for relief of your pain, curious about the lack of cartilage still protecting your joint, or wondering why you're experiencing numbness, tingling, and pinched nerves, we're here to take care of you to address the cause of the problem before it gets worse. Some of the worst pinched nerves are silent, and do not carry symptoms. Having a thorough evaluation from Dr. Bjorn, a Corrective Care specialist can help you, and us determine the proper course of action for ultimate healing.

Other Medical professionals, Chiropractors, and various practitioners refer their patients to Dr. Bjorn for a thorough assessment, rule out pathology, and ensure proper care. Dr. Bjorn works together with your healthcare team to provide the support you need to align, heal, and grow.

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