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Safe and gentle care for the whole family 

Have you tried a natural approach to optimal health?  Is it time to get your life back?

The good news is that your body is designed to heal naturally and your symptoms won’t go away until you remove the interference in your nervous system that is keeping your body in a state of sickness, ill health, and poor function.   The absence of symptoms are a poor indicator for good health.

In our office, we’re most concerned with the function of your brain-body connection and are passionate about helping your body instantly start to heal faster and more efficiently.  Perhaps you’ve been living in a body of chronic pain, experiencing headaches, brain fog, insomnia, or you’ve noticed your body is out of balance.  The most common conditions that respond positively to Upper Cervical Care in our office are migraine headaches, tension headaches, pinched nerve, sleeping disorders, disc herniations, blood pressure, TMJ, and postural imbalances.  We’ve also seen improvements with people who have vision difficulties, scoliosis, high blood pressure, brain fog, anxiety, and past Cervical (Neck) spinal trauma from falls, accidents, or injuries. Many of these conditions are well documented in research journals as having positive results.

With specialized training in the most gentle form of NUCCA Upper Cervical Chiropractic, our approach to adjusting the upper neck is safe, effective and gentle. There is no popping, or twisting of the neck as this is a gentle procedure.  The Upper Cervical spine refers to the top two bones of your upper neck called the atlas and axis that sit on top of one another protecting the brainstem and allowing your head to move freely. This is the most fragile yet powerful region of the spine as these two bones house the brainstem and don’t have any discs between them unlike the rest of your spine. The integrity and alignment of the upper cervical spine is essential for optimum brainstem function, central nervous system communication, and complete spinal stability.

The brainstem is the master control center that controls and regulates many autonomic functions keeping you alive and doing the things you love to do. Some of these vital functions include sleep, blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, attention span, consciousness, movement, balance and posture. Every message your brain sends to your body has to pass through this intricate control center in your upper neck. If there is pressure on the brainstem from a misalignment of the atlas or axis, many of your vital functions can be jeopardized hindering your nervous system to function at its optimum potential.

How does the misalignment in the upper neck happen?

Accidents, injuries and chronic stress patterns can tear, stretch and weaken the loose connective tissues that hold this fragile region of the spine together. Often the very first trauma a human experiences to the head and neck is their very own birth. Emotional, physical and chemical stress throughout life can create weakness and imbalances that allows the spine to break down over time and lock into a stressed position creating poor posture, disc degeneration, and altered muscle tone. This guarded and less than optimal state of being is expressed in many ways. You may notice that one shoulder is higher than the other in the mirror, or your head is tilted and/or rotated to one side. Maybe you have one side of your body that is always nagging you or creating problems but the other side seems just fine. Maybe you feel disconnected and not as clear as you once were. These imbalances can often occur due to a misalignment in the upper cervical region, particularly the atlas which can create a significant amount of tension on the entire spinal cord. The atlas, which looks like a donut ring holds your “world” on your shoulders. Your head alone can weigh up to 12-15 lbs. Have you checked to see if your head is on straight?  

How does Upper Cervical Work?

We’ll guide you through an interactive experience that will reveal to you and us whether or not Upper Cervical care is appropriate for your spine at the current state you are in. In addition to a “stress inventory” and any necessary x-rays, we’ll look closely at your body’s ability to balance, your posture, spinal curvatures, head/neck ranges of motion and areas of greatest tension where stress likes to hide.

Our Exam includes the following:

  • Consultation, History, Stress Inventory
  • Any Necessary X-rays
  • Static & Dynamic Surface Electromyography
  • Neural-Thermography Scan
  • Weight Balance
  • 3D Postural Assessment
  • Spinal Ranges of Motion
  • Any other necessary Neurological tests determined by the Doctor at time of Exam

We love before and afters in our office so we’ll be measuring your curvatures, your spinal angles, and how balanced you are prior to you receiving care.  We’ll then re-assess frequently to observe and measure the healing changes your body and spine are making.

If we determine that Upper Cervical Chiropractic is the care you need, we’ll create a customized Care Plan for optimal results.

Schedule your initial appointment today by calling 831-459-8434.  We’re excited you’re already taking the next step towards natural health.  A happy, healthy spine makes for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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